Voice Over IP – Best Telephony Solution

Voice over IP basically means making phone calls over the internet and it is quickly taking the internet over by storm. Technically the IP means Internet Provider and the internet telephony setup as such is often being referred to as simply VoIP phone system.

The most obvious benefit of a VoIP phone system is the big savings it provides compared to what people pay for their traditional phone service from their telephone company.

Let us have a closer look. Say you pay $30 a month for your basic telephone line, that will be $360 a year. That does not include any extras like Caller ID, Call Forwarding or Voice Mail. Those alone can easily bring the annual basic phone bill to over $500 plus taxes.

All that without considering any long distance costs. And you know how much that can add up to.

Now, many VoIP phone system providers give you a year of full featured internet phone service for under $200. And that includes just about any extra calling features, like Caller ID, that you can think of. Then, you also get with it a long distance to and from traditional phones – for a fraction of the cost of what you can get from your local telephone company or even from the best long distance discount service! Plus – you can also get some extra perks like local phone numbers in various parts of the words.

And perhaps the coolest part is that with voip phone system you can have internet calling between computers for free! That is all you pay for is the for the regular internet connection that you normally use anyway.

As if calling with no extra costs involved were not enough the voice quality of voice over IP is often much superior to what you get from a regular phone. The main reason for that is that the regular phone everyone is so used to carries the voice over a very narrow band of sound frequencies – from zero to little over 3,000Hz (cycles per second). Meantime voice over IP, in it’s original digital range, gives you much wider voice bandwidth – comparable to the hearing range of an average human being which is 20Hz to 20,000Hz. When I first time used my voice over IP internet phone and heard the voice quality of it for myself I could hardly believe my ears – it was that good!

If you are ready to join the VoIP phone system wave of internet calling there is no better time then now – the surf is up!

Even though PC to PC voip is free, except for the internet connection – you still need some interface like for example a good pair of headsets to insure you are taking advantage of the great voice quality that VoIP offers.

Also if you plan on using your traditional phone sets for the purpose of voice over IP calling then you will need a VoIP phone adapter. The adapter gets plugged into your internet line, then you plug your existing phone into that and you are ready to go.

You can also buy a dedicated voice over IP phone that plugs straight to your internet connection.

As I mentioned before you can also have a paid VoIP service. These normally apply to specific geographical regions. Now, why would you want to pay for voice over IP calling if you can have it for free? Well, one reason is because the free might not be all free if you plan on using your VoIP for calling to and from regular phones.

Voice Over IP